Canada's long History in short!

The term “Canada” was first used when Lower and Upper Canada were formed,
however they later united to form the province Canada. Nevertheless,
the official birth of Canada was in 1867 after Britain passed
the British North American Act whereby Canada had the liberty to govern itself and became the first Dominion of the British Empire.

During the early 1900s although Canada was in possession of its own government - their powers were still constrained.
Not only was Canada restricted from signing its own treaties but it did not its have representatives in international meetings nor foreign embassies.
Soon after the First World War, Canada's situation transformed and in 1931 the Statute of Westminster granted Canada the right to be an independent nation.

The Canada Act in 1982 finally severed Canada’s last remaining ties with the British parliament.
Before this Act was passed, certain amendments to Canada’s constitution had to be approved by the UK government.
Despite the Canada Act, Queen Elizabeth II is still Head of State and Queen of Canada, this role is separate to her role as British monarch.

This is but, a small taste of the enriched history Canada has to offer.
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